Kirola Sports offers an all-embracing packet of services to professional football players and talented youngsters, ranging from traditional player placement services to highly specialized image rights programmes and communication management.

Player Placement

We at Kirola Sports have extensive experience in representing players in all negotiations related to the conclusion, extension or termination of sports contracts, as well as in facilitating the transfer of players from one club to another, whether on a temporary (“on loan”) or permanent basis.

Sports Consultancy

There is no better advice than that from former professional sportsmen themselves. By offering expert sports consultancy, we seek to enable our players to make their own deliberate and well-considered choices. That way, we at Kirola Sports aim to guarantee a solid career advancement of all our contracted players.

Project Development & Management 

Kirola Sports offers expert coaching and assistance to those clients who are aspiring to set up commercial and/or non-profit projects off the field of play. Not only we may be your partner to brainstorm about new business ideas or to assist you in drafting a sound business and financial plan, also we are available should you need further assistance in the management and administration of your business during or after your career.

Image Rights Management ("The-Right-Image")

In recent times, the image rights of people in the public eye have become very valuable assets, not only for well-known figures in the Entertainment Industry, but also to personalities in the world of sport. Many sportsmen and women can earn as much - if not more - off as well as on the field of play, through the commercialisation and exploitation of their image rights. Take David Beckham and Anna Kournikova as just two examples of this increasing phenomenon.

We, at Kirola Sports, being based at the centre of Europe with the relevant technical expertise and experience, are well placed to provide and manage customised image rights programmes, which will leverage and take full advantage of all these commercial opportunities for the benefit and wellbeing of our sports clients.

Strategic Communication Management ("Media-Wise")

We live in a media age with 24/7 coverage of news, current affairs and up-to-the-minute information disseminated on a global scale. Sport is also a global industry, which is worth more than 3% of world trade, and, not surprisingly, the subject of constant global media attention. There is not only a demand for the world-wide coverage of sports events, but also an insatiable appetite to know about sports personalities, their doings on and, perhaps, more so off the field of play. Their sporting and private lives, in so many respects, have become public property. Accordingly, sports personalities need to be aware of and how to use and manage the media to their best advantage to promote and protect their interests.

Mindful of this, we, at Kirola Sports, have developed and are offering to our sports clients a programme, which we have called "MEDIA-WISE". This service reflects the needs of sports personalities in the public eye to be media savvy and wise in all respects, especially when it comes to promoting their images and the protection of their image rights. Our MEDIA-WISE programme is thus designed to complement the services we provide under "THE-RIGHT-IMAGE" programme for the management and protection of our sports clients' valuable image rights.

End-of-Career Counselling

We at Kirola Sports assist our clients during the whole lifecycle of their career, and even after. Are you aspiring to start a second career as a coach, scout or club official? Or are you considering to start your own business? Then do not hesitate to ask for more information about our end-of-career counselling services. 

Legal Services

For all legal questions related to their sport activities, IP rights and business projects, our clients can rely on the services of highly specialised attorneys recommended by Kirola Sports.


We are flexible on the range of the professional services that we offer to our clients and, likewise, we are flexible and also competitive on our fees. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation at any time without any obligation.